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The History of Buline Family Farms

Our history begins in Bohemia where James "Vaclav" Buline was born in the village of Jarov on August 7th 1854 - son of Vaclav Wenzel Bulin and Annie (Motisova) Bulin.  They came to America in 1866 and settled in Washington County where they resided for about 16 years.  On December 26, 1882, James Vaclav Buline was married to Frances J. Hinek. 

Frances J. Hinek was born August 19, 1864 in Prague, Bohemia.  At the age of six years, she came with her parents Vaclav Wenzel Hinek & Anna Vaclava Hinek to America; 1870.  After being on the water for fifteen weeks, they arrived in New York where they boarded a train for Iowa City, Iowa.  

James "Vaclav" worked faithfully with his parents on the farms they owned, but it wasn't until 1888 when James and Frances purchased a 242 acre farm for $7,200 and began their American farming legacy.  They purchased another 160 acres in 1910 located in Freemont Township (Johnson County, Iowa) which is known today as Buline Family Farms.  Years later, in 1920, they purchased and additional 80 acres near Solon, Iowa in Big Grove Township.  They considered these farms to be in a high state of cultivation and, under the proper management, among the most productive in that part of Johnson County.  

Democratic in politics, James V. took a practical interest in public affairs.  He was township trustee and president of the school board of his township.  

James and Frances had eleven children, three of which passed away in infancy:  Charles F. (1890–1891),  Arnost (1893–1895),  and Richard A. (1904–1904).  The remaining eight children:  Mary Anna (Schuessler) 1883-1968, Clara E. (Stock) 1885–1974,  Frances J. (Plum) 1886–1975,  James Frank 1888–1963,  Charles Ferdinan II 1892–1968,  Ralph Joseph 1895–1968,  William E. 1897–1987, Bessie E. (Brinkmeyer) 1899–1988.  

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